Alison & Kevin attended a product launch and conference at the RAK Flagship Showroom in Birmingham in June and were totally wowed by the fabulous displays and vision that RAK have for developing the BRAND going forward and to establish it as a leader in the marketplace for Tiles and Bathroom products Great news for FBS […]

Decor & Design Scotland

Why not have a look at the new edition of Decor & Design with a ” Focus on Bathrooms” section on page 56, including some great hints and tips from our very own MD, Alison Sime. Click on the link below for a quick look and further information https://issuu.com/decoranddesignscotland/docs/august_issue

Cramer ceramic, enamel and acrylic Repair Kit

We have all seen it happen, your child drops a toy in the bath, or something topples into the wash basin. This is not only very annoying, but first and foremost this can be very expensive and time-consuming. Yet, such damage can be repaired quickly and easily by yourself with the appropriate high-quality material. Repair impact […]

Bathroom Extractor Fans

Proper bathroom ventilation is absolutely vital, not just because it means that you don’t get a fogged up mirror after your shower, but because it prevents damp and mould forming in your bathroom. The right bathroom extractor fan can save you not only from having to try and rid your bathroom of mould, but also the costs involved […]

Anti-slip shower tray coating

The anti-slip coating is simple to apply, is transparent so does not ruin the look of the shower tray, it is easy to clean and is very nonslip.

FBS Bath rubber

FBS bath rubber removes paint marks, adhesive residue, lime scale, metal abrasions and tough stains on baths, basins, ceramic sanitary fixtures, sinks, tiles, floors and more without scratching. The composition of the bath rubber enables you to thoroughly remove deposits without scratching (use of water increases cleaning efficiency).