Choosing a flush mechanism is important and may impact your water bills. Some of the most popular types of toilet flush in the UK are the single flush toilets, dual flush units, touchless flushing and flushometer valve.

Single Flush Toilets

Single flush toilets have only one flushing mechanism for both liquid and solid waste. They are the most common toilet flush type you can see in traditional houses. One of their major disadvantages is that they use a lot of water, so they are not environmentally friendly. Also, often your flush button breaks easily and that’s an unpleasant task to deal with.

Dual Flush Units

They have two flushing options – half flush and a full flush for liquid and solid waste, respectively. Dual flush units are becoming increasingly popular because they save water. This makes them both environmentally and budget friendly. They might be a tad more expensive than the single flush ones, however, they make up for it in the long term.

Touchless Flushing

Toilet flush buttons, levers, chains? With touchless flushing systems, you can forget about all of them. They are motion-sensor activated, which makes them convenient, modern and hygienic. They commonly use these flush mechanisms in public restrooms or office buildings.

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